Sun June et Ada Lea | Annulation de la tournée de janvier 2022
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6 janvier 2022

Annulation de la tournée d'Ada Lea et de Sun June

En raison du contexte sanitaire et des restrictions actuelles, la tournée française de Sun June et Ada Lea prévue en janvier 2022 et qui devait s'arrêter à Dijon, Paris et Angers est annulée.

Nous vous invitons à vous rapprocher de votre point de vente au sujet du remboursement.

Voici les communiqués des groupes :


"After lots of nail biting we made the incredibly sad decision to cancel our upcoming UK/Europe tour dates with Ada Lea. For anyone who bought a ticket or wanted to attend a show, thank you and sorry! We're gutted, but we hope to come back as soon as we are able to travel and gather safely. Thank you to all the promoters, venues, rental companies, and agents for helping set this up. Our flight vouchers are good till 2023 ✨🤞"


“We were so excited to come to the UK and Europe with Sun June, and are disappointed to have to cancel our tour plans but we will be back when it’s safe and makes sense to do so. - Ali"